Smart Casual Dinner Outfits

There’s a dinner event that I may be attending tomorrow evening, and the dress code is the ever so often used (and abused) “smart casual”. What is smart casual? With so many possible interpretations, it could be just about anything.

It depends on the setting. It depends on the crowd. It depends on a dozen other factors. This could potentially be a long post, but I’m going to stop myself here, and show my personal interpretations of smart casual (via Polyvore, of course). In case you didn’t already know, I’m the type who’s usually overdressed, so my idea of casual is probably vastly different from someone else’s idea of casual.


Smart Casual LBD

With earth tones thrown in for a bohemian vibe, which is what I’m really feeling these days.

Black Trousers

Smart Casual Trousers

Formal trousers become less well, formal, with the addition of a printed/embroidered blouse, boho-chic accessories, and metallic flat sandals.

Striped Dress

Smart Casual Striped Dress

Nautical striped dress, chunky heels, bohemian accessories, and a shoulder bag in my favourite colour? I’m in love!


Smart Casual Denim

Dark wash denim jeans, preppy white shirt, and lots of fun quirky elements!

Midi Skirt

Smart Casual Midi Skirt

Because every occasion can easily be a #minniestyle occasion.


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