Out with the Old, In with the New

This post is sort of a continuation of a previous post, When Less is Truly More. I’m finally back here after a long-ish absence, but it’s mostly going to be touch and go.

Edwin and I have finally found a suitable apartment after months of searching. We’ve stayed in this current place for almost two years, which is a record given the fluidity of the rental situation here in Hong Kong. And my gosh – the stuff we’ve accumulated! So as you can imagine, we’re super busy with all the packing!

Edwin’s got his gadgets (and their accompanying wires), towering stacks of documents, and all the paraphernalia from his hobbies. I’ve got my stash of Disney souvenirs, a mini gift-wrapping station (don’t ask), and more makeup brushes than I actually need and use.

The aim is to live a simpler life, and I’m giving away as much as I can. That said, it’s an ongoing process. Hopefully we’ll be able to get settled in the new place soon, and I’ll be back again to blog about the fun stuff.

Catch ya later!


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