Hello (from the other side)

I’m back!

Our new home is still in a mess, and we haven’t unpacked everything, but it’s slowly coming together and I’m so happy! This is actually the first time that I’ve used my laptop since we moved, I can’t believe that three weeks have gone by just like that.

Anyway, I finally have the dressing table of my dreams!


It’s the Hemnes dressing table from IKEA. The jewellery cabinet is from Groupon, and I’ve had that for years. And hopefully the mess will be gone soon!


All ready to be filled with hopes and dreams! (And makeup too.)

The trifecta is now complete with the addition of the Alex 9-drawer unit, also from IKEA. I was a little worried about the “self-assembly” portion, but it turned out great. Okay, so Edwin did maybe 70% of the assembly, but when it was finally up, I felt such a rush. Part of me wanted to run to IKEA and put together a bookshelf. The rest of me never wanted to see a screwdriver again.

In any case, we are expecting a few more pieces of furniture (also from IKEA so more self-assembly – yay?), and when that’s finally done, I’ll give you all a mini tour!

P.S. I’ve also figured out a way to transfer photos from my phone to my computer (previously it’d sync automatically, don’t know why it stopped) so hopefully I’d be able to catch up. Gosh, I’m such a dinosaur! I’ve got to look over my shoulder for the meteor that’s coming my way.