Disney Dim Sum at Hong Kong Disneyland

Happy birthday to me! I’m now a year older, and that much closer to the big 3-0. Yikes! But there’s nothing like a birthday to make one feel like a kid again. Balloons! Presents! Lots of cake! Going to stretch my birthday celebration for a whole entire month, and by the end of it I’ll probably have eaten my weight in cake.

Anyway, I’m finally back with a proper post, and a long overdue one at that. So let’s dive in!


During our last day trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, we had lunch at Crystal Lotus at the Disneyland Hotel. Like the rest of the hotel, it was gloriously opulent – with a price tag to match!


Our gorgeous view.


A little appetizer and their signature XO sauce. It was delish!


Mickey’s Seafood Glutinous Pancake ($78 for 4 pcs). My favourite Mickey-shaped waffle, but given the dim sum treatment. They tasted okay, but could have been crispier at the edges. The accompanying chilli sauce packed quite a punch, which spice lovers will enjoy.


Star Wars Baked Yunnun Ham and Assorted Nuts Puff ($68 for 2 pcs). As far as I know, they only come in Darth Vader and Stormtrooper shapes, so those hoping to pick Yoda’s brains will be sorely disappointed. These tasted like savoury mooncakes, but less tasty. They were also really dry, and we couldn’t finish them. I think we ate Vader and packed the Stormtrooper to go.


Three Little Pigs Barbeque Pork Buns ($88 for 3 pcs). You can’t really go wrong with classic charsiewpau. The cute piggies just made it more fun. My favourite of the bunch!


This little piggy went to… my tummy.


Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Buns ($88 for 3pcs). These were well-made and well-executed too. And don’t forget to chant, “The claw…” when picking these up with your chopsticks!


Baymax Buns ($78 for 2pcs). These take home the award for “Cutest Dim Sum Ever”. Taste-wise, they fell short just a little, as there was too much bun and not enough of the chicken and seafood filling.


Duffy & Shellie May Steamed Sweet Buns ($78 for 2 pcs). If I remember correctly, these were filled with lotus paste. The buns themselves were okay, but their ears were rock hard and pretty much inedible. Bummer!


Olaf Steamed Red Bean Buns ($78 for 2 pcs). Olaf looks like the stuff of nightmares here. In any case, by the time the dish arrived, we were filled to our eyeballs with dim sum, and so they rode along with the lone Stormtrooper.

We tried 7 out of the 10 dishes available for dim sum lunch. The ones that we didn’t try were the Mickey-shaped turnip and taro pudding, golden Minnie shrimp dumplings, and Mickey-shaped chilled mango pudding. Overall, while the adherence to the theme is commendable, ultimately the dim sum dishes didn’t taste as good as they looked.

If you’re seeking delicious dim sum, there’s certainly better ones to be had, and at a much lower price point too. But if you love Disney as much as I do, then this makes for a good once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. The three dishes I’d recommend the most are the Three Little Pigs Buns, the Little Green Men Buns, and the Mickey Seafood Glutinous Pancakes.

Heads up: you must make reservations in advance, not just for a table but also for the dim sum. It’s not available for walk-in diners, so you have to call at least one week ahead.


Bonus: after lunch, you get to walk off your meal by exploring the beautiful hotel, and shop for souvenirs in the hotel gift shop! Browse to your heart’s content without jostling with the crowd – score!

More about shopping at Disney in my next post!

Crystal Lotus
Disneyland Hotel, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3510 6000 (Reservations are a must!)


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