Shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland (Part Two)

More Tsum Tsum madness! And Star Wars too! First, a little music to set the mood:

As mentioned in the last post, Disneyland Hotel is a great place to shop for Disney souvenirs. The gift store has a great selection, and you know what it doesn’t have?


Space is such a luxury in Hong Kong, so it was definitely an enjoyable experience to take our time (and a few pictures) without having to fight a ferocious mob of tourists. And speaking of pictures…


Lots of Star Wars-themed souvenirs! You can also see some Christmas-themed goodies ‘cos that was when we visited the park. Honestly, the holiday season is my favourite time to be in a Disney park!


Darth Vader lunch tray and water bottle for your little Anakin. Have fun getting him/her out of the dark side.


Edwin and I both fell in love with Stitch Yoda instantly. There’s also Mickey as Luke Skywalker and Minnie as Princess Leia, but Stitch Yoda has got to be the cutest crossover!


This little green alien came home with us!


I got these with the intention of wearing them to watch The Force Awakens. Since then, I’ve worn the “Resistance” pin on a few other occasions. Some of my older students (massive fans of the franchise) loved it, while one of my younger students asked why I was wearing a pilot pin. Haha!

Resistance Pin

Keep Calm and Join the Resistance


Picked up three more Tsum Tsums: Pluto to round up the original gang, Scrump to join Stitch, and Alice because I adore Alice in Wonderland! Fun fact: Alice is my only “human” Tsum Tsum to date. I clearly need more!


Ah, no better way to show my love for the castle of my dreams.


Got these adorable Post-It notes as a free gift! Technically they’re from a lucky draw that you can participate in when you’ve spent a certain amount. Because I never have any luck with these things, the grand prize always goes to some lucky soul while I get yeah, Post-It notes. Yay me.


Group photo!


It’s not Disneyland, but another great place to shop for souvenirs is the Disney Store at Hong Kong International Airport. Got these babies last December! I used to be all about refrigerator magnets, but now I tend to favour accessories.

Disney Necklaces

Disney style, all day, every day.


This picture hangs behind the counter at the hotel gift shop. It’s a beautiful depiction of Hong Kong Disneyland and its fireworks show among the mountains. It’s a scene I’ll get to see in… two weeks. Yes, two weeks! So you can look forward to another Disney post soon. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll try to find time to post an assortment of other things, so stay tuned, and take care!



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