5 Ways to Style a Little Black Dress

I love a good little black dress (LBD), and I’m definitely not alone. It doesn’t matter how you perceive your style (classic, bohemian, rocker, minimalist, romantic, etc), there’s an LBD out there for you. What with hemlines, necklines, materials, silhouettes… the possibilities are endless!

My favourite kind of LBD is a simple fit and flare. No frills, no fuss. The look I crave depends on the hour of the day, and the dress makes a perfect canvas to have fun with accessories. Lots of fun.

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

LBD Alice in Wonderland

In case you ever wanted to attend a tea party in a black dress.


LBD Bohemian

Lots of colours, but the overall look is still pretty sedate. And those earrings (and shoes!) are on my lust list.


LBD Romantic

Is my love for rose gold that obvious?

Tropical Summer

LBD Tropical Summer

I need a holiday. (Don’t we all?)


LBD Work

Work. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Perfect.


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