Day to Night Outfits

Although I have to work on Saturdays, I do like the idea of Friday nights – relaxing after a long week of work and letting one’s hair down, literally and otherwise. And now Friday nights make me want to sing this song:

Anyway, I’ve been invited by Megan of to show how I would transition in and out of different environments with the same pair of pants (or trousers, if you speak the Queen’s English). Here are five outfits with the same pair of black straight-leg pants, with changes from day to night – so essentially ten outfits. XD

Bohemian (Day)

D2N Bohemian Day

Just can’t do this series without a bohemian outfit! Been really into wood-toned accessories lately.

Bohemian (Night)

D2N Bohemian Night

Most of the outfits feature the same tried-and-true formula: remove outerwear, change into fancier shoes, load on the accessories, and amp up the eye makeup.

Mascara TDWP

Nautical Whimsy (Day)

D2N Nautical Whimsy Day

Another go-to look of mine. That fish-shaped bag is too cute!

Nautical Whimsy (Night)

D2N Nautical Whimsy Night

This ship-shaped clutch is cuter still. *swoon*

Romantic (Day)

D2N Romantic Day

The power of pastels (whatever that means).

Romantic (Night)

D2N Romantic Night

Perfect for a girls’ night out.

Sporty Luxe (Day)

D2N Sporty Luxe Day

This is the furthest removed from my personal style, but that’s what Polyvore is for – to experiment with different styles.

Sporty Luxe (Night)

D2N Sporty Luxe Night

Keeping the backpack because it’s so pretty – why wouldn’t it work for evenings?

Working Girl (Day)

D2N Working Girl Day

More rose gold accessories, because I’m crazy about them.

Working Girl (Night)

D2N Working Girl Night

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: classic doesn’t have to mean boring. There are so many ways to inject your personality into every outfit to make it truly your own personal look.

How would YOU style a pair of pants/trousers to bring you from AM to PM? I’m always searching for fashion inspiration on various sites and blogs. If you love Polyvore as much as I do, then I’d definitely want to check out your page! (FYI, you can find me there by typing in “michellexueyi”.)

Meanwhile, do check out the women’s pants available on Their yoga/dress pants and jeans are great for making the transition from day to night!

Alright, that’s all from me for tonight. I’ve got to turn in soon – another busy day at work tomorrow! Bonne nuit, mes cheries.


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