Dinner at Plaza Inn, Hong Kong Disneyland

I don’t know why, but for the longest time I thought that the Plaza Inn served a Western-style buffet, which was it never crossed my mind to give the place a try. I must have confused it with similar-looking restaurants from the other Disneyland Parks, because it turns out that Plaza Inn in Hong Kong Disneyland actually serves Chinese (Cantonese) cuisine!

There’s actually a story behind why Plaza Inn looks Victorian on the outside but is all chinoiserie chic on the inside: an American couple traveled to China, fell in love with its food and design aesthetic, and decided to open a Chinese restaurant once they returned home. At least, that’s the Cliffnotes version… you can read more here.

plaza-1 plaza-2

The table settings and interiors were indeed very pretty. The restaurant got really busy as the evening progressed, although I doubt anyone was there for the story. “We’re here for the food… save your tale for the gweilos.”


Peanuts and crispy whitebait. It was my favourite thing that night, so you can see how this is going…


Broccoli and mixed mushrooms. Oh you know, trying to be healthy. Taste-wise, nothing out of the ordinary, but the little Mickeys were a nice touch.


Tofu and roast meat. This had to be the most underwhelming dish ever. It tasted as bland as it looked. Ugh, next!


I can’t remember what soup this was, but I do remember that it tasted alright.


Spring rolls with wasabi mayonnaise. This was one of the better dishes, and also the first time I’d ever seen spring rolls in this particular shape (longer and thinner than traditional ones). Curiously, all other spring rolls I’ve come across since then were all shaped like these!

To be honest, we did make the mistake of ordering too much food. If we had ordered just three dishes instead of four (the peanuts don’t count), it’d probably have turned out to be a better overall dining experience.

However, this is my gripe: given that this is Hong Kong, the standard of the Chinese food served here really should be much better than this. Alongside Crystal Lotus at Disneyland Hotel, the dishes we’ve encountered haven’t been particularly impressive. Why is that so?

While the Disney dim sum has a “cute factor”, there isn’t much about Plaza Inn that stands out. The only time I can see myself returning is if we’re in Disneyland on a cold winter evening and nothing but a bowl of piping hot Chinese soup will do. Otherwise… nope.

As mentioned in the previous post, Edwin and I will be heading to Disneyland next week, and I’ll be on the hunt for Halloween-themed food-items. There might be a Jack Skellington burger, orange and purple drinks… pumpkin spice churro? Now, wouldn’t that be something.


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