The Story of Red Shoes

Warning: frivolous post ahead!


Between bags and shoes, I’m definitely more of a shoe-loving type of girl. It’s miraculous that I have <20 pairs of shoes, and that’s including running shoes, winter boots, and flip-flops. I suppose it’s a sign of self-control (plus I live in a teeny tiny apartment), but then again, half of those shoes are heels, which don’t suit my lifestyle, to be honest. I’m not required to wear them at work, in fact flats are preferable when teaching little ones.

Sure, there are special occasions, but those only come by, well, occasionally. Even then, one only needs two pairs at most – maybe black pumps and sandals with a metallic sheen. And in case you’re wondering, I do have such shoes in my collection, along with a few others. So I’m definitely guilty of buying shoes, especially heels, just because they’re pretty.



One particular weakness of mine is red heels. I bought my first pair of red heels when I was 18 or 19. They looked something like the pair in the picture. Initially they hurt like hell, but I felt like a million bucks in those shoes. I wore them everywhere, but mostly to classes, tottering up and down the millions of stairs, cursing at the hillsides that made up the landscape at NUS. Those shoes gradually became bearable, then insane comfortable, and then they fell apart.



My second pair of red heels were peep-toe pumps with crystal embellishments in the front, like the ones in the picture. They screamed “fancy” and I didn’t wear them as often as I did the first pair. These were the shoes that I was wearing when I met Edwin, and when we danced together for the first time. Since then, they became known as “lucky shoes” in my mind. The shoes eventually wore out, but here’s hoping my luck never runs out.


Perhaps it is fitting that my third pair of red heels were a gift from Edwin, who went on a shopping spree during his training in London, way back in 2010. I actually preferred the nude heels with the lace bow (I even wore them with my cheongsam on my wedding day!). Still, I felt like my shoe closet would be lacking if I didn’t have red heels.


Needless to say, the shoes haven’t survived till present day, but at least photos are forever.


Now here we are, at my fourth and current pair of red heels. I’m reaching an age where I actually prefer comfort, so these shoes hadn’t been worn in a while. I thought I’d give them a whirl today, and subsequently spent 10 hours in shoe-limbo. While taking the bus to work I considered retiring them, but oh, they were so pretty! Plus an unexpected 80 other people apparently think so too.

What do you think I should do? Should I give these heels another chance? Or do you know of any comfortable high heels that come in red?

I wanted to end this post with a quote about red shoes, but I found so many gems it was impossible to pick just one. So here are the Google search results instead – enjoy!



One thought on “The Story of Red Shoes

  1. I actually have quite a few pair of heels (no red ones though) but I rarely wear them, they are definitely a special occasion type of thing for me and events where I know i would be sitting anyways lol

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