Rainbow Afternoon Tea at The Park Lane Hong Kong


Some time back I mentioned I’d blog about this soon, and so here we are. My friend Michelle was in town for just a couple of days. We hadn’t seen each other for maybe two years, and so we had a lot of catching up to do. With that, we simply picked the nearest place that would be reasonably quiet, given that we were in Causeway Bay on a Sunday, at the height of Pokemon Go madness, no less!


We ended up in Ebb & Flow, the lounge/bar/restaurant in The Park Lane, trying out their afternoon tea set. The place had an artsy vibe, and the service was really good too!


As you can infer from the title, the tea set was rainbow-themed.


The savoury tier, which also had foie gras on toast (far left). Not the pan-fried version, which would’ve been a sure-win in my book, but still nice.


The waffle on the left looks black in the photo, but it’s actually blue. I’m a little wary of food colouring, and it’s not like you can taste much of a difference between the green waffle and the yellow one.

I didn’t take any close-ups of the drinks, but from the last photo you can see some pretty coffee art on Michelle’s latte.

And that’s it! Another short and sweet post from me tonight. Still trying to do the whole “sleep early, wake up early” thing, and all I can say is that it’s a work in progress. Sweet dreams to all!


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