Tsum Tsum Tuesday

Just want to share my Tsum Tsum collection, the stuff that isn’t the plush toys. Of those I’ve got 14 minis and 2 medium sized ones, which isn’t a lot compared to fanatic collectors. Still, my Tsum Tsums bring so much joy! 🙂

You’ve probably seen most of my Tsum Tsums already, in here and here. So what else is there?


Tsum Tsum ice-cream pins, bought in the summer. (They cost HK$238, for anyone who’s curious.)


My 2017 diary.


A pencil case that I’m using as a travel makeup pouch.


Stickers! Haven’t thought of where I could stick them though.


Nail stickers! So freakin’ cute, but unfortunately they aren’t particularly sticky on nails. So I just use them to decorate my phone instead.

That’s it for now, I’m still trying to get myself back into the blogging groove. The next few posts might be Christmas-related. Quite excited about Christmas this year, and my shopping list certainly reflects that!

Alright catch ya later!



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