South Melbourne Market, Melbourne, Australia

WARNING: This post is mostly about me getting really excited about vegetables. Read at your own peril.

So… another #throwback post because I haven’t been going out much in recent weeks. I did try Ruby Tuesday for the first time last month but it was horrible, so I’m not even to bother writing a post about it. Aside from that, it’s mostly homecooked food or Deliveroo. I haven’t quite decided whether it’s a blessing or a curse.


Living in Hong Kong, I’m really lucky to have an assortment of supermarkets within walking distance of my apartment, so grocery shopping is really convenient. Still, I can’t help envying Melbourne residents who get to shop at South Melbourne Market.


I mean, just look at the impossibly neat rows of fruit and vegetables! The tomatoes at my usual supermarket aren’t quite as uniform in size and shape.


I may look really calm in the photo, but deep down I was trying really hard to contain my excitement.


Can’t say for sure, but the local children probably don’t have a problem with eating their greens.


Like a pedestal.


It’s almost pornographic.


Aside from glorious fresh produce, there are other goods and services available, including a nail salon…


… art prints…


… essentials for your fur babies…


… apparel…


… a place for hipsters to pick up their sriracha…


… and lots of beers!


There are also places where you can rest and have a quick bite before doing more shopping. P.S. Loving how the two little kids are enjoying their snack/staring off into space while the adults are having a conversation.


Dips and sauces.


Carbs = Life


“No bones about it”, “The place to meat”… cute.


*slowly peels face from screen*


I LOVE dips. When I was in Dubai, I practically ate my weight in hummus, and then some more. Give me hummus, tzatziki, and some warm flatbread… heaven.


To be fair, there’s bottled sauces in Hong Kong too, but maybe it was the fresh winter air in Melbourne, somehow everything just smelled and tasted better there.

That’s it for tonight, I’ve got an early morning tomorrow, and maybe this weekend I’ll be able to work on some Christmas-related content. One of my resolutions for 2016 was to blog more regularly. I adhered to it from January to April, stopped in May because we had to move, sort of picked up the pace in September, then lost the spark again. Hopefully this month will be a productive one. Blogging does take a certain form of discipline, and I do want to see where I can go with it in 2017.

So yes, see you real soon!


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