Gioia Charcoal Grill & Oyster Bar

What I love about Kennedy Town is the abundance of dining choices. There’s just about every cuisine imaginable, from the local cha chaan teng and dim sum houses, to other Asian cuisines (Thai/Vietnamese/Japanese/Korean/Indian), to Middle Eastern. Of course, there’s lots of Western food available as well, including Italian, French, American, British, and everything in between. Not a bad place to find yourself when you’re hungry!

Somewhere between the MTR station and the harbour is Gioia, and it was fairly quiet when we dined there earlier this evening, which is to be expected for a Monday night.


The first appetiser was a choice between a seafood platter and two pieces of foie gras. Now I love foie gras, but I find it difficult to believe that its value is more or less equivalent to an entire platter of seafood, including oysters, mussels, prawns, sea whelk, and crab legs. Unless you’re allergic to seafood (in which case maybe this isn’t the restaurant for you), the platter is definitely a far better deal.

The two oysters on the far left were Eire oysters from France, and the other two were Namibia Oysters. Everything on the platter was fresh, but the Eire oysters and the crab legs were the standouts – succulent and oh-so-juicy. Also, the crab legs were pre-cut, so all we had to do was open them like the covers of a book. If books had edible pages, that is. Yay for convenience!


The second appetiser was a warm scallop and tomato salad. I like how the leaves of the salad were presented like a bouquet. They went a bit overboard with the dressing, and towards the end it was simply too acidic, but everything else was lovely, especially the scallops.


Lobster bisque served in a teacup. With the exception of the soup, all the dishes were placed in the middle for us to share (in case you were thinking that it’s a lot of food). The bisque was classic. Rich lobster flavours, creamy consistency, and piping HOT. I’d like to say that I was daintily sipping the soup, teaspoon and all, but I scalded my tongue more than once and it wasn’t pretty. Good thing it was a quiet night and the only spectator to my madness is already married to me.


Angel hair with prawns and baby spinach. It’s one of those dishes that you enjoy on the spot without thinking much at first. The flavours are familiar, and they don’t blow you away. But after you’ve slurped up the last strand, you realise wow, that was good. And the more you think about it, the better it is. Generous with the sauce (nothing worse than dry pasta) without drowning the dish. Just the right amount of seasoning. Spinach leaves that gradually wilt (in a good way), soaking up that garlicky goodness. Mmm…


Pan-fried salmon with assorted vegetables. I have one minor complaint about this dish, and it’s the beetroot puree. It was sour, the presentation was bizarre, and it didn’t go with the other elements. I usually like beetroot, but in this case it was completely unnecessary. Okay, now on to the good stuff… the salmon was cooked almost to perfection. It was so incredibly soft, we didn’t need our knives, but on the flip side, it was a bit difficult to pick up. Still, the flavour was great, especially with the vegetables and the cream sauce.


Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream and mixed berries. How gorgeous is the presentation? Heart-shaped cake, butterfly (which I think was edible – didn’t try it though), the “flowers” on the plate… *swoon*

Again, I scalded my tongue eating the “lava” part of the chocolate cake, but oh, it was so good! The exterior had a bit of crispiness to it, which contrasted beautifully against the molten insides. The perfect end to one of the best meals we’ve had in a while.

Our set dinner for two was HK$688, so while I can see myself dining here again, it wouldn’t be too soon. It’s definitely worth the price – the quality of every dish was consistent, and service was excellent. They’ve got a special menu for Christmas, and they’re currently having a deal on Groupon, in case you’re interested.

I can’t believe just how efficient I’ve been lately. Blogging on the same night as my meal – who have I become? Hopefully that won’t change in 2017! Alright, goodnight folks, or good day, wherever you are!

Gioia Charcoal Grill & Oyster Bar
Shop A-C, G/F, May Sun Building
55-57 Catchick Street, Kennedy Town, Western District
Tel: 2416 5555

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