Have a Ferrero Christmas

Psst… Do you love chocolate? Here in Hong Kong, Ferrero Rocher seems like the gift for just about anyone, like the Christmas equivalent of mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival. One year, my workplace received so many boxes of the stuff, we were drowning in gold balls.

fr1 Obviously, Ferrero is happily cashing in Hong Kong’s obsession with them during the festive season by setting up a pop-up store in Hysan Place, complete with matching gold dress designed by Vivienne Tam (who’s everywhere, apparently).


The ultimate evening gown for chocolate lovers. I’d be truly impressed if it comes with pockets for storing – what else – chocolates.


There are also chocolatiers present at certain times to demonstrate the chocolate making process. To be honest they look rather miserable. Guess it isn’t all Christmas joy and cheer for some.


There are ten varieties of Ferrero products available at the pop-up store, but we came for just one…


Ferrero Rondnoir! These babies used to be available on their own in supermarkets year round, but recently the only ones I can find are in the “mixed” package which also feature the original and white chocolate ones, which I really don’t care for. So now that I can buy just the dark chocolate ones, you can be sure I’m going to take full advantage of the situation. *evil laugh*

If you purchase the larger sets, you get a free gift tag that can later be reused as a luggage tag. It’s not like I’m short of luggage tags or anything (all those wedding favours), but hey, it’s got my name and reminds me of chocolate, so that’s good… I guess?

Brb, going to eat some chocolate now. Catch you soon!


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