The Parisian Macao (Part One)

For our fourth wedding anniversary in October, Edwin and I celebrated at the Parisian Macao, which had opened just the previous month. We were really excited about exploring a brand new hotel and its accompanying shops and attractions. Moreover, it’s definitely a lot more affordable than actually flying to Paris, that’s for sure!


Our spacious hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower replica.


The luxurious bathroom, complete with a bathtub for taking long, indulgent baths. Ah, to live like the other side…


As it was our anniversary, we also received a couple of gifts, to commemorate our stay at the hotel!


Macarons! A teensy bit disappointed that there weren’t any chocolate ones, but hey, what’s not to love about these extravagant sweet treats?


A snow globe featuring the Parisian Macao! *heart eyes emoji*


Leaving you with the view from our window. As you can see, it’s got some stunning features, from the gorgeous pools (didn’t swim as it was too cold while we were there), to les galleries, to the mini Moulin Rouge!

Part Two will be up shortly, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “The Parisian Macao (Part One)

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