Farewell 2016, Hello 2017!

Attempting a super-quick 5 minute post because I’ve got to rush to work soon – on New Year’s Eve, can you believe it?

Like lots of people, 2016 hasn’t been that great for me, and I can’t wait for a new year. Yes, it’s just another day in our lives, but there’s just something symbolic about a new year, and new possibilities.

With regards to this blog, I feel like I haven’t done as much as I could have. At the start of 2016, I had big plans, but those slowly slipped by as I got busy with other things and blogged less frequently. Hoping to set more realistic goals in the future – we shall see!

Anyway, as usual, I’ve got some things lined up for the blog, and I’ve worked out my schedule for next week so there should be at least a couple of hours I can be here, happily posting food pictures and whatnot. Oh oh oh – Lucky Colours for the Year of the Rooster coming up soon, I promise! I’m definitely making this an annual tradition.

Alright, my five minutes became six, so that’s my cue. See you around in 2017, and Happy New Year!


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