Cereal in a Teacup


While I work on another post, here’s a “filler” story about how I came to be having my breakfast cereal in a teacup yesterday morning. Last week, I tried the Disney Tsum Tsum hot chocolate, and I prepared it like how I would with Milo powder, i.e. just add hot water. It came out looking much darker than expected, so I added some fresh milk, and the end result was underwhelming. It wasn’t terrible, just meh.


Yesterday, I decided to try it again, and this time, I got Edwin to read the instructions (since they were in Japanese, which I haven’t gotten around to learning). Apparently, I was supposed to dissolve the powder in hot milk instead of hot water. D’oh!

So one cup of milk went into the microwave. And then the microwave started making weird noises and I wasn’t entire sure, but I thought I saw and heard sparks. STOP MICROWAVE. Oh God, our microwave is ancient. It was a hand-me-down from a friend, and when he had it, it was already a secondhand microwave. I estimate it to be at least nine years old. Maybe it’s time to let it die.

Anyway, I didn’t want to let the milk go to waste. Ten seconds in a wonky microwave wouldn’t make it radioactive or something like that, right? Maybe I’ll develop superpowers. I hope I get telekinesis. Or teleportation. Preferably no telepathy. I don’t really want to know what people are thinking.


Since lukewarm milk isn’t conducive for hot chocolate, I ended up having cereal instead. That’s the long story of how it all happened. But at least it ends here. Unless I develop superpowers…


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