Wheel of Flavour at Uptop Bistro and Bar

Over the Christmas holidays, Sonia (my colleague) and I went to Uptop Bistro and Bar, situated at Popway Hotel, to try out the Ferris Wheel afternoon tea. The weather was uncharacteristically warm, which suited the summery feel of themed afternoon tea.


At HKD338 (~US$43.60) for two persons, this was quite the spread!


The desserts on the right included trifle and mini cupcakes (with gorgeous Tiffany-blue frosting). The trifle caught me by surprise – I don’t usually like trifle, but this was really good. The cupcake was a bit too sweet, but still, I’ll never say no to dessert!


Clockwise from top left: golden fried chicken, crispy popcorn prawns, satay chicken skewers, homemade scones, smoked salmon canape, pan-seared tuna canape, crispy potato-encrusted prawns.

As usual, I preferred the savoury elements of the afternoon tea.  Crispy prawns? Yes. Salmon and tuna canapes? Yes. Fried chicken? Yes, yes, yes please!

As for the scones, which I consider to be “neutral” i.e. in between sweet and savoury, the scones themselves were fine. It’s just that they were served with jam and cream cheese. Cream cheese. CREAM CHEESE. Alright I’m going to stop shouting and let that sink in.

Cream cheese?!?! Where’s the clotted cream? If you’re going to go through the trouble of baking decent scones and planning a London-themed afternoon tea (which is the other one that Uptop Bistro offers), get your condiments right.

Jam was nice though.


Clockwise from top: macarons, marshmallow brownie, chocolate bonbons, apple salted caramel cake, three-layer chocolate cake.

The macarons were lovely, although Sonia and I couldn’t quite figure out the flavour of the top one. Vanilla? Caramel? Plain sugar?

The cakes were just as pleasant, though none of them really stood out. I do like the sizes – large enough to savour the taste but not too much to leave one with a sickly feeling afterwards.

Given that this was a collaboration with MediLase, a beauty centre that specialises in hair removal, we were each given a voucher after our meal. I was just there for the food, and it was worth it even without the voucher, to be honest.

Afternoon teas are quite an indulgence in general, and the next time won’t be so soon for me. Still, it won’t stop me from researching the next place to try out. Ah… life of the always hungry…


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