That Awkward Moment When

Funny story – I went to the library today, just like I’d intended to since the start of the year. So I finally made time for it, and set off after lunch. Along the way, I started reflecting on a whole bunch of things, and was feeling grateful for this and that.

For example, I feel grateful for being literate. I feel so blessed to have been born at a time and place where girls have access to education. I feel fortunate that my parents encouraged me to do my best in school, and they fostered my love for reading and bought hundreds of books over the years without any question. (Indeed, I was brought up in a society where pushed their children to strive for academic excellence, and some may have pushed their children a bit too far, but that’s an argument for another day.)

In my gratitude-induced haze I stopped to appreciate the beauty around me.

lib1 lib2

Today’s weather was gorgeous – didn’t really feel like winter. Clear skies, lots of sunshine.

The English section of the library wasn’t very large, but I must have spent at least half an hour just walking along the aisles, taking in the various titles and devising a strategy of sorts. In the end, I staggered to the seating area with a literal armful of hardcovers.


So one of my resolutions for 2017 was to read more, but all these in one sitting is probably overkill. And impossible.


After reading a couple of the books and casually flipping through the pages of some others (turns out “Wardrobe Solutions” was really outdated), I shortlisted these few titles to borrow. Edwin and I really like Impressionist art, so I thought that we could read about them over the Lunar New Year holidays. As I brought the books to the self check-out machine, it dawned on me.

I left my library card at home.

After a minute of internal screaming, being in a library and all, I dejectedly put the books back on the shelves and left. Honestly, it was a face palm moment, but what was I to do? Oh well, I’ll probably head back next week, and in the meantime I still have books of my own that I haven’t read. Should probably get started on those first…


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