Moomin Cafe at Harbour City

Happy CNY to all, and hello February! It’s easy to feel all motivated in January, now let’s see if we can keep up the energy!

Edwin and I headed to Harbour City earlier this Tuesday, and in hindsight it probably wasn’t the best move. As it was still a public holiday in Hong Kong, the mall (and the general Tsim Sha Tsui area) was PACKED with people. So much for wanting to spend a relaxing day out.

While we were there, we decided to have afternoon tea at Moomin Cafe. Apparently Moomin is a pretty big thing in Hong Kong, as I overheard the other patrons gushing about the characters. Maybe it’s a Sunday cartoon or something? I only know of Moomin because I read one of the books when I was a kid. I don’t even remember the story. :/


Hot chocolate with Moomin’s face. I liked how many of the dishes and beverages followed a theme.


One of the dishes from the afternoon tea menu was this chicken-avocado-bacon concoction in a hotdog bun, served with fries and the smallest side salad. The staff referred to it as a hotdog, but I guess it’s a sandwich of sorts? In any case, it was fairly decent, though the avocado wasn’t quite ripe. The fries were nice and warm, and the mayo tasted like truffle mayo, which is always a plus.


No cutlery was spared in the theme effort.


Chocolate pancakes with banana. The lighthouse actually contained a trio of desserts that I forgot to photograph (oops my bad): strawberry mousse cake, black sesame pudding, and a generic jello. The black sesame pudding was a pleasant surprise, as I don’t usually like black sesame, but I found myself finishing it. The other two were like those refreshments at a seminar that you didn’t really want to attend, complete with artificial flavours.

As for the pancakes themselves, they tasted fine – a bit bland, not much chocolate. They also had the texture of Chinese steamed buns, not that it’s a bad thing, just unexpected. Paired with the other desserts that didn’t complement one another, the entire experience was rather jarring.


Overall the meal was underwhelming, and my expectations weren’t even high to begin with. The ambience and decor was lovely, and a Moomin fan would definitely love it. Unfortunately the food didn’t taste as good as it looked, otherwise it really would’ve rounded out the experience.


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