The AIA Great European Carnival

The AIA Great European Carnival is currently in Hong Kong (till 12th February) for its third winter. It was the first visit for Edwin and myself when we were there last Thursday night. We had received a couple of discount coupons from Park N Shop, so we decided to just check it out after work.


Approaching from a distance.


The Ferris wheel is separate from the carnival, so we didn’t go up.


Wearing more makeup than usual as I was testing out a new palette that day. So far so good, more on that next time!


We shared a cheese hotdog before going in. Edwin’s head has been mercilessly cropped out LOL.

Turns out there were more food stalls inside the carnival. The selection included pork knuckle, churros, siewmai, and toasted buns with condensed milk. And of course it wouldn’t be a carnival without popcorn and cotton candy!


Each adult ticket cost $125 (~US$16.10/~S$22.70) and included 10 tokens. Ours cost $112 (~US$14.40/~S$20.30) each after discount (I know, not much of a difference). Most of the attractions cost 4 or 5 tokens per ride, but some of the bigger ones (like the green one on the right) could go for up to 7 tokens. After you’ve used up your tokens you could purchase more at $10 (~US$1.30/~S$1.80) per token.


There were barely new queues for the rides, but the games stalls were super popular. 2 tokens would get you 4 darts/balls/rings, depending on the game, so I suppose it’s a better bargain. The stuffed toys didn’t interest me though. There were some Disney plushies, but they were a weird shape. We tried throwing darts to win a toy doughnut but didn’t hit anything, so we decided to cut our losses. >.<


Aside from the darts game, we also went on the Viking and a roller coaster, and that was all the credits we had. I meant to take more pictures, but it was really windy that night, and we were cold and hungry. So we left after spending about two hours there.


Cotton candy to round out the carnival experience. :p

That’s all! It was quite fun to walk around and relive the old-fashioned rides of childhood funfairs. That said, Disneyland is still my number one ❤ .


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