Hungry Lobster

To be honest, I didn’t want to write a blog post about this at first, because the food wasn’t great, and I didn’t want to come across as a disgruntled diner. However, my friend convinced me to just go ahead. It’s a learning experience, so why not share that experience with others? Also, it’s more realistic to have the occasional bad review. (I’m quite lazy in the sense that I select only the good stuff to talk about.)

I’ll start with the positives. Edwin’s birthday was coming up, I made a reservation around two weeks in advance, and one week before the date I called again to change the booking. Initially, it was supposed to be just Edwin and myself, but some of his friends joked about crashing and we decided to simply invite them. The staff was incredibly accommodating about changing it from two people to eight, which was nice.

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The starters weren’t terrible. The lobster bisque was fairly standard, and each bowl came with a slice of toasted garlic bread (not pictured). The portion size for the lobster bruschetta was on the small side, but the lobster itself was juicy and flavourful, so overall it’s acceptable.


For the main course, most of us ordered the Surf & Turf, which came with a side of fries and the tiniest salad ever. If you look closely, you’ll see a stray leaf trying to crawl out from under the lobster. I like how the chef channeled his/her inner #SaltBae, and the fries were a solid 10 – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfectly seasoned. It’s safe to say that those fries were the best part of the dish.

The steak though… where do I begin? Some of us ordered the rib eye steak to be cooked medium rare, others medium. When the steaks arrived, most of them were RARE. It’s not even one of those instances where it could be subjective. If we had put our steaks side by side and cut them in half, it would’ve looked like a crime scene.

I opted for medium, and mine was bizarre. Half of it was rare, and the other half was well done. HOW do you overcook half a piece of steak and have the other half almost raw? Was it dangling off the side of the grill?

One of the girls sent her steak back, and it later came back somewhat closer to what she had ordered. I didn’t send mine back because a) I hate wasting food and b) I wanted to give it a chance. By the time the truth (that it was a badly cooked steak) sank in, I’d eaten more than half of it and it’d be rude to demand a new steak at this point.

You might be thinking, “It’s called Hungry Lobster, not Hungry Cow, so maybe steak isn’t their thing. What about the lobster?” Well, it wasn’t great either. First off, that green goo. It’s not herb butter. Just, no. Go ahead and Google “grilled lobster”, because what you’re seeing here isn’t what it’s supposed to look like.

Underneath the green goo, the rest of the lobster was underwhelming. Some parts were okay, others were dry. If the lobster had been tastier, it might have made up for the disastrous steak, but ultimately it was a let down.


So not every dining experience will be impressive, and every once in a while there’ll be a less-than-stellar review. I have nothing bad to say about the service, but service alone isn’t enough to warrant a return trip. It’s unlikely I’d go back just for the fries, although I’m desperately craving some right now.

Hungry Lobster
Shop 3, G/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
銅鑼灣登龍街18號V Point地下3號舖
Tel: 9330 5378


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