The Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually taken the “Iron Man Experience” ride, which had its debut earlier this January. The following are just some photos which were taken when I was in Disneyland over the Chinese New Year holiday.

imdl-1 imdl-2

You’ll see the Stark Expo first, while the entrance to the ride is round the corner and further inside. The Stark Expo is mostly a souvenir store, but it also houses a mini-attraction: an interactive screen where you get to blast baddies using Stark’s electronic glove. It’s mostly for the kids though. Apparently there’s also a character meet-and-greet in here, though I haven’t had the chance.


Ever since Disney acquired Marvel, there’s been truckloads of toys and merchandise from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I thought these pillow/cushion things were hilarious. From the way they were leaning, it looked as though they all had little tummies.


Themed popcorn and cookie tins.


Iron Man waffles, anyone? If I’m going to be paying HK$50 (~US$6.40/~S$9.10), only a Mickey waffle will do for me.

That’s it for this post! I thought I had taken more photos, but apparently not. There may or may not be another Disney-themed post coming up, but fret not, I’ve got another trip lined up later this month, and it’s going to be an exceptional one. See you soon!

[Updated on 2nd April 2017] Finally tried the Iron Man burger, but as usual it’s rather underwhelming. Aside from the stamp, there’s nothing special about it, and the fries weren’t golden enough. Hong Kong Disneyland needs to make better burgers!

I’ve also tried the Iron Man ride, which I’ll talk about soon! See you!


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