Restaurant Week Review: SHACK Tapazaka

Japanese tapas, anyone? Personally, I love the concept of tapas-style dining. Sharing dishes means you get to sample from a greater variety, which is always a win.

In any case, Restaurant Week usually means a three course meal, so you don’t have that option. Nevertheless it’s a great way to try out a new place, as I’ve mentioned before.

Anyway, let’s just dive in, shall we?


Left: Soft shell crab salad
Right: Chicken karaage

It’s no secret that I adore deep-fried food, and both dishes definitely delivered. The crab was sitting atop the usual suspects: mixed greens and sesame dressing, no surprises there. The chicken karaage was seasoned with some spices that made it slightly more interesting than the average fried chicken.

So far, so good!


Beef short ribs with rice

The beef was juicy and tender – lots of umami goodness!

Iberico pork with rice

It was a bit too charred for my liking, plus it was drowning in terikayi sauce. It wasn’t terrible, just meh.


Left: Matcha ice-cream with red bean mochi
Right: Strawberry 3 ways

Both desserts tasted alright, but they weren’t particularly great or exciting.


The portion sizes were SMALL, for all the courses. There were only three pieces of beef and slightly more than half a bowl of rice for the main course. The strawberry dessert comprised of one frozen strawberry, half a fresh strawberry, and maybe one teaspoonful of puree. I don’t usually have a heavy lunch, so it was okay for me, but I imagine that many people will not find it acceptable.

Also, when we first arrived, we were told that they never received our reservation. After the guy refreshed his app, he then saw it and grudgingly seated us at the bar. I didn’t mind sitting there, but his attitude left much to be desired. It wasn’t our fault that there’s a technical error, and he could’ve been more professional about it. We were later served by another person who was somewhat friendlier. There weren’t that many diners while we were there, so it didn’t seem like they were understaffed and overworked or anything like that.

Just like with Marbling, I left the place with mixed feelings. I really liked the decor and overall vibe of the place. There were some hits and misses for the food, but the service was disappointing.

SHACK Tapazaka
G/F, 1-1A Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2555 6058


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