NYX Haul & Review: The Go-to Palette, Retractable Eye Liner, and Butter Gloss

An alternative title is “I have no idea what I’m doing”.

Today is the day I pretend to be a beauty blogger and y’all humour me, alright?

Purchased from FACESSS at Harbour City.
Palette: HK$175
Eye Liner: HK$55
Lip Gloss: free with purchase of two or more items 🙂


The palette that I got is GTP02 Bon Voyage. There could be others, but this was the only eye + cheek palette that I saw in the store that day. I bought this with the intention of using it as a travel palette, seeing that it’s got just about everything I’d need: neutral/bold eyeshadow colours, highlight, blush, and bronzer.


From top to bottom: Shades 1 to 6

From top to bottom: Shades 7 to 9

From the top: Shade 4, Urban Decay Virgin, Shade 3, Urban Decay Smog

Shade 4 from the NYX palette is slightly darker, warmer, and more matte when compared to Virgin. Shade 3 is lighter and warmer than Smog, with slightly less of a sheen.

There are a multitude of reasons why I can’t be a beauty blogger. One of them is that I simply don’t own that many beauty products, and I have no intention to. My ONLY other makeup palette is the Urban Decay NAKED palette, so I don’t have many other eyeshadow colours for the purpose of comparison.

Also, getting all the swatches was a painstakingly long process. A lot of tape was harmed in the making of this blog post.

Left: Kanebo eyeliner pencil in BR-26
Right: NYX Retractable Eye Liner in MPE06 Gold

As you can see from the photo, the Kanebo eyeliner is just a teensy bit darker with visible glitter, but they’re really similar otherwise.

Left: Gucci Lip Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 200 Dark Romance
Right: NYX Butter Gloss in BLGM22 Devil’s Food Cake

When I swatched these, I was surprised by how alike they were. On the back of my hand, they were practically identical. On the lips, the NYX gloss was a bit sheerer, but that’s about it.

So while I don’t have much makeup, what I do have is similar to each other. Hmm…


Both photos were taken on the same day under drastically different lighting. Neither picture shows it, but the blush and bronzer were a bit much on my skin. I’m super pale and occasionally get mistaken for a vampire, plus I have zero contouring skills, so the bronzer ended up looking muddy on me.

In the pictures I was wearing shades 3, 4, and 6 over a primer (the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original). I’ve since worn the other eyeshadow shades over the same primer with minimal issues.

On one occasion, I wore shades 3, 4, and 6 without a primer underneath and there was some creasing and fading by the six hour mark. By the ten hour mark I had a raccoon eye going on. Luckily I was already home by then!

Thank you for making it all the way to the end, it’s highly appreciated. Seeing as I’ve basically described most of my stuff in a single post, this might be the last makeup-related post. But hey, never say never. 😉


2 thoughts on “NYX Haul & Review: The Go-to Palette, Retractable Eye Liner, and Butter Gloss

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