Royal Afternoon Tea at Walt’s Cafe, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

After spending a glorious day at Disneyland, we headed over to Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for an afternoon tea at Walt’s Cafe, and to take a much needed rest!

While we were on the Disney shuttle bus, I caught glimpses of the newest hotel, Disney Explorers Lodge, which is due to open at the end of the month. I’m so excited about it, and you can bet that I’ve got every intention of staying there in the near future!

Situated in the stunning Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel (I believe it’s modeled after Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa), Walt’s Cafe is similarly themed with elements of Victorian architecture, paying tribute to Walt Disney himself. The menu comprises mainly of Western dishes, with a few items from various Asian cuisines to satisfy a range of palates.

As mentioned earlier, we were there for afternoon tea, and since there were four of us, we decided to try two different sets – the regular Leisure Tea Time set, and the limited edition Beauty and the Beast themed Disney Royal Afternoon Tea (available till 28th May 2017).

Pictured here is the Royal Afternoon Tea, presented by Pandora, in case the yellow pastries haven’t already given it away. The set comprised of Boston lobster and mango salad on toast, smoked salmon and ricotta cheese sandwiches with caviar, cherry tomato and beetroot mousse on wild pork rillettes, lemon cookies, rose-flavoured strawberry mousse, and mango passion fruit mousse cakes.

As usual, I preferred the savoury elements to the sweet ones. You can’t really go wrong with classic flavour combinations. I’ve yet to meet a mini toast/sandwich that I didn’t like. The mousse + rillette combo was the most interesting, taste-wise. The little brownie base underneath the strawberry mousse was a pleasant surprise, and gave me the chocolate kick that I craved. To me, an afternoon tea isn’t really complete without chocolate.


The Royal Afternoon Tea set also included scones (with clotted cream and jam) and what I can only describe as a Chinese-style soup, which contained Alaskan crab meat, steamed egg white, maitake mushroom, and crab roe. The soup was the only hot dish out of the lot, and we enjoyed it the most. I could definitely finish a much larger bowl of the stuff!

The scone, on the other hand, was a bit too dry, and I didn’t like the taste of the accompanying clotted cream. Loved the Mickey shape though.


The Leisure Tea Time set was served in the classic three-tier stand. Can you spot all the not-so-hidden Mickeys?


More scones.


There was a different assortment of mini pastries, including a vegetable quiche tart with braised crab meat cream sauce, caviar and sour cream on dark rye pancakes, mini sausage rolls with onion marmalade and sun-dried tomatoes, poached quail egg and sauteed spinach on a filo tart with cheese sauce, a ham and cheese sandwich with mango, and a smoked salmon and cream cheese roulade with black truffle.

I do apologise for the poorly taken photo, which makes it hard to make out the various items mentioned above. In any case, they weren’t as memorable, and nothing really stood out.


Les desserts! There were macarons, a lemon tart, Stitch cookies, a Swiss roll, a crunchy chocolate cake and a blueberry cheesecake. I wanted to fall in love with the Stitch cookies, given that Stitch is one of my all-time favourite characters, but the cookies were rock hard. 😦 The others fared better, though I didn’t taste the cheesecake, as I generally dislike cheesecake and didn’t bother trying.

I didn’t get to taste the lemon cookie as well, as we were all stuffed towards the end. I kept it in my bad (wrapped in tissue of course) with the intention of photographing it while at the park. Naturally it was later forgotten, and when I got home it was all crushed.


The drink on the far right was honeydew green tea, which came with the regular tea set. The other two drinks were called Rosy and Fancy Dress, though I don’t know which is which! These were part of the Royal Afternoon Tea set.


This is what one of the drinks looked like after pouring in the pink soda. Despite the champagne and martini glasses, these drinks don’t actually contain any alcohol.

Do note that the Royal Afternoon Tea has to be booked at least 48 hours in advance, and it’s advisable to make a reservation at Walt’s Cafe over the phone. The Royal Afternoon Tea is HK$558 for 2 persons, HK$488 for 2 persons if you’ve got the Magic Access Membership. The Leisure Tea Time is HK$378 for 2 persons, and Magic Access Members get a 25% discount.

Cheers, till next time!

Walt’s Cafe
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Lantau Island
Tel: 3510 6000


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