Adorable Dim Sum Brunch at Yum Cha


It’s not your grandparents’ dim sum, but it’s definitely photogenic!


My absolute favourite, crispy fried tofu with salt and pepper.

Googly-eyed custard buns. It’s great fun to poke a hole in one of these and squeeze till it “throws up”. Childish? Maybe. Hilarious? Always.

Matcha custard buns. I preferred the other type, but these weren’t bad either.


Piggy buns filled with (what else?) BBQ pork.


Crispy shrimp wontons with a sweet chilli dipping sauce, served in a little metal box. It’s a little on the hipster side. Then again, this whole establishment is aimed at a younger crowd, so what do I know?

Yum Cha (Central)
南豐大廈 Nan Fung Tower, 2/F, Nan Fung Place,, 173 Des Voeux Rd Central
Tel: 3708 8081


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