Etude House Haul & Review: Big Cover Concealer Cushion, Face Conditioning Fixer, and Manuka Honey Face Mask

After seeing the number of views and likes for the NYX post, I feel somewhat encouraged to do another beauty review. Besides, it’s always fun to try something different once in a while.

So… I had a bit of a spree while at Etude House, though that’s nothing compared to the damage I did in Taipei, but more on that next time. I’m a member, and because I’d spent over HK$300, there were some goodies given for free! The Precious Mineral cushion on the top right corner and the Face Blur samples at the bottom of the photo were the freebies, everything else was my spontaneous purchase, haha oops.


I haven’t tried the Precious Mineral cushion (HK$188) and the Dear Girls oil control pact (HK$80), so those won’t be included in today’s review. I’m thinking of holding off the cushion till after the summer, in order to simplify my routine, and because the shade 01 is a bit light for me right now. So maybe I’ll use and review it in the fall, and who knows, by then there’ll be more Etude House products added to my collection!

The Big Cover concealer cushion (HK$114) is a liquid concealer with a sponge-tip applicator, and I’ve got mine in the shade Mint. You click the end of the “pen” a few times, and some product will be dispensed from the applicator. I usually do three clicks for each side of my face, left and right, and then rub off any excess on the back of my (clean) hand before replacing the cap.


I’d describe the coverage as medium, and it’d probably work for most light to medium skin tones. As you can see, there’s a bruise on the back of my hand from knocking into a cabinet, and the concealer covers it a little. Of course, the purpose of a mint-coloured concealer is to correct redness. I apply it before foundation, and it helps to reduce the redness in my skin. There isn’t too much product oozing out, and it’s really easy to use. I love it, and it’s now an integral step in my makeup routine.

Speaking of routine, the Face Conditioning Fixer (HK$98) has also been included, but as the last step, to fix my makeup after it’s done. To be honest, I sometimes forget to use it, and for now it’s not a necessity in my books. I work in an air-conditioned environment and don’t perspire much, so my makeup stays put without much effort either way. That said, it’s quite fun to use the spray, and there’s a subtle scent that I quite like.


The Face Blur primer is something else I wouldn’t consider necessary at this moment. To be fair, it isn’t a bad product – it went on smoothly and brightened up the skin nicely, plus the SPF is a great bonus. It’s just that I’d like to get ready to go to work (or anywhere, really) without slapping on a hundred different products.

My everyday basics are concealer, foundation, and blush. Brown eyeliner if there’s an extra minute. Mascara if I’m going out after work. Of course I love playing with makeup, and you’ll definitely see lots of eyeshadow, false lashes, and lip colour for a special occasion, and even then, I’d forgo the face primer. Like I said, not this moment. Perhaps when I get older and my skin starts looking drab (oh the horror), then I’d be looking into something to put the glow back on!

The Manuka Honey face mask (HK$10) was unexpectedly creamy! I’m used to masks that contained a more gel-like substance, so this was different. It’s neither good nor bad, just an observation. The eye holes in the masks were also smaller than those of other masks that I’ve previously tried, which I suppose is nice because there’s more “mask” to adhere to the skin, and there was a subtle scent which smelled rather delicious.

I’ve got the concealer and fixing spray on in this picture, though you won’t be able to tell, LOL. This post is all about “invisible” makeup, which probably isn’t as exciting as eyeshadow or lip gloss colours, but hey, I’ve made it! Thank you once again for indulging me, and I hope you enjoyed it!


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