Goals for May 2017

I can’t believe it’s already May! Just last week it was still chilly, but now the sun is finally shining. It’s technically springtime, but here in Hong Kong, it’s starting to feel like summer!

I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks as I was under the weather for quite a while. Honestly, being in so much pain and discomfort isn’t fun at all, and I really, really need to get healthier. With this in mind, several of my goals for this month will be focused on health and wellness.

  1. Adopt a high-protein diet (as per doctor’s orders)
  2. Cut back on sugar
  3. Keep a food diary
  4. Cook my own meals as much as possible
  5. Exercise at least twice a week
  6. Take on a 30 day happiness challenge
  7. Find ways to increase productivity
  8. Dress more consciously
  9. Simplify my makeup routine
  10. Organise my desk/dressing table

And now, a recap of last month’s goals:

  1. Take on a 30 day challenge – it was supposed to be a simple stationary exercise challenge, but I managed to do just 7 days before losing steam.
  2. Learn basic Japanese – downloaded a couple of apps, and now I know all of three phrases: “hajimemashite” (how do you do), “kochirakoso” (same here), and “kore wa nan desu ka” (what is this). I can also read and write maybe 30 hiragana characters, which isn’t exactly helpful until I have the whole thing memorised. I do hope to keep going with this, slow as my progress may be!
  3. Try a new recipe – done! Made salted egg yolk fish skins, not bad for a first attempt. I’ve also since attempted a new recipe for meatballs, going to try making a sweet and spicy sauce for dinner later this evening!
  4. Read (and complete) a classic novel – done! Read “Mansfield Park” by Jane Austen, and I’ve got the ‘gram to back it up.
  5. De-clutter apartment – it’s a work in progress, that’s all I can say.
  6. Find new ways to wear old things – maybe? Honestly I can’t remember.
  7. Sleep before midnight – failed quite miserably at this one, but in my defence, I did sleep before 12.30am on most nights.
  8. Plant some seeds (and subsequently try to keep the plant alive) – nope, I did buy the seeds though.
  9. Post at least one more beauty review on the blog – didn’t achieve this one as well, but it’s in the backlog, and hopefully I’ll be able to do it this month!
  10. Appreciate nature – yes!

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