Shida Night Market, Taipei

You can’t go to Taipei and not visit at least one of their many night markets. Whether it’s for street food, shopping, or just people-watching, it’s a must-do. On our last trip to Taipei, we went to Shilin and Raohe, so naturally we wanted to go somewhere new this time. Shida Night Market was within walking distance from our hotel, so we headed there after checking in.


Walked past a shop selling 蔥油餅 (scallion pancakes), and I had to have one because a) there was a queue of locals, which meant it must be good; and b) I was starving. It tasted quite nice, and was only 30TWD (~HK$7.70/~US$1.00/~S$1.40)! Gotta love Taiwan.

Lots of people, locals and tourists alike.

Shi Yun a.k.a. the “deep-fried everything” stall.

Got my fried chicken with salt and pepper!


We bought a few other things here and there, including this chocolate crepe. We were a little tired, so we didn’t stay long, and headed back to the hotel soon after.


Bought some 麵線 (meesua/noodles) to enjoy in comfort of our room.


I absolutely adore Tienren tea, and knowing its Taiwanese origin, I had to try it while in Taipei. However, I was sorely disappointed as it tasted nothing like the one in Hong Kong. There was no sweetness whatsoever, and reminded me of the Chinese tea that’s the “default” tea in restaurants here.

Next post will most likely be about the sights and sounds of Taipei, and it’ll be a fairly short one as well. After all, we were only there for a weekend, but fret not, there’ll be other exciting stuff coming along, so stay tuned!


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