Springtime in Disneyland (Part Two)

Took an unexpected trip to Disneyland last month, this time with my friend and co-worker Sonia, who recently purchased an Annual Pass to Hong Kong Disneyland. Woohoo, looks like there’ll be more trips to come!

During the previous visit, I’d managed to capture 54 of the Easter eggs on camera, and this time I was on a mission to find the rest of them. Gotta catch ’em all! (Different franchise, but the analogy still works.)

Duffy, Shellie May, and Gelatoni on Main Street.


More of those gorgeous spring flowers.

Feels good to be home.


Heihei and Pua in Adventureland, across the “river” from Tarzan’s Treehouse, which is currently closed for refurbishment. I suppose even the King of the Jungle has to keep up with the times.


Baloo, King Louie, and Kaa the python in some corner of Adventureland.


Two bears (do they have names?) by the entrance of the Mine Cars ride in Grizzly Gulch.


Another bear chilling out close by. Are these THE three bears by any chance?

Albert the monkey in Mystic Point, flanked by what look more like Faberge eggs than Easter eggs.


Little green aliens in Toy Story Land.


A grumpy Lotso, also in Toy Story Land.



It’s ALICE!!! Why oh why didn’t you show up while I was DisneyBounding as Alice?

Sigh, I’ll just have to make do with these photos.


As much as I love Disney mugs (and Disney everything in general), I don’t buy them as there’s no need, not to mention no space. I’ve got a Stitch mug for home use, a Chip & Dale mug for work, and a Winnie the Pooh mug for guests. Any more than that would be excessive, but gosh, is this Scrump mug adorable or what?

Yes, another Disney afternoon tea set, this time at Corner Cafe on Main Street! The “Duffy & Friends Springtime Afternoon Tea Set” included mango and lobster salad cones, mini sandwiches (salmon and cream cheese, egg salad and cucumber), salmon spinach quiche tarts, chicken puff pastry, grilled Cajun beef skewers, tomato and parmesan tarts, a Mickey-shaped scone, Duffy and Shellie May cakes, macarons, and a tropical fruit platter.

The set cost HK$318 (~US$40.90/~S$57.10) for two persons. We didn’t want the beef skewers, and they were nice enough to replace them with more chicken puff pastries without additional charges.

Two drinks were also included. The available choices were the usual coffee, tea, soft drinks, and this seasonal special, which both of us picked. I couldn’t tell what flavour it was, only that it was way too sweet. Cute sticker though.


While waiting in line for the Jungle Cruise.


Stumbled upon the Mad Hatter in his sad little corner somewhere in Fantasyland. So this time I managed to find 25 more Easter eggs, bringing the grand total to 79. Not bad, I guess?

~It’s a Small World after all~

That’s it for now! Given that it’s the start of the month, I’ll probably have more energy/motivation to do a new post soon. Hoping to cover the various bits of the Taipei trip before going away again. Wish me luck!


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