Sights & Sounds of Taipei

Just a random display of photographs that don’t belong anywhere else.

2/28 Peace Park (outside the National Taiwan Museum). We were extremely fortunate to witness the literal works of art of some teenagers. There were possibly a couple of hundred students hanging out at the park, working on their art projects for school.

Would you look at that? My assignments never looked this good.

So much talent in every corner!

Went shopping at one of the Cosmed branches just outside of Ximending, and it was heaven. There was no one else in the store! Edwin found a corner to sit, and I shopped to my heart’s content! (Tip: Bring along your passport to get the tax refund!)

It’s real!

Alice in Wonderland eyeliner! I didn’t get these as I’d already gotten one from Solone (more on that next time).

More Alice in Wonderland goodies! I don’t use cleansing oil, so I passed on these too.

Tsum Tsum Pocky! No chocolate flavour though.

We bought the Pokeball one, which just tasted like sparkling water, but saltier.

We were in Pacific SOGO when a camera crew came in, followed by a massive crowd. I don’t watch any K-dramas, so I don’t know any of the celebrities. Does anyone know who this one is?

That’s all for tonight! I know this was more of an awkward filler than a proper blog post, and I promise the next one will be much, much better. Today was a looong day, and there’s so much to be sorted out before we go away. And then there’s the actual packing. Wish us luck!


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