Alice is Coming: Alice in Wonderland Themed Cafe in Taipei

While Taipei is world-famous for its night markets, there’s no shortage of kitschy themed cafes either. From Lego to Hello Kitty, this city seems to have it all! For our weekend trip, however, I had only one such cafe in mind – the Alice in Wonderland themed cafe.

First, a little music to set the mood.

After having brunch (second breakfast, really) at Smith & Hsu and shopping up a storm at Cosmed, we finally made it to Alice is Coming! I love the decor – there’s even teacups like the Disneyland ride – inspiration for my future dining room, perhaps?


Lots of Alice-inspired artwork scattered around the cafe.

A cozy little corner just for photo-taking purposes.

Yes, I dressed up for the occasion! Sporting a Queen of Hearts ensemble, right down to my socks!


Our table by the window.


Even the place mats aren’t spared!


“It’s always tea time.” – The Mad Hatter


I’ve had this ring for years – don’t even remember where I bought it from.


To truly appreciate the ambience of this place, you probably have to be a fan of Disney/Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say, I was reveling in it all. There was even a Disney soundtrack playing, and I was practically squealing with excitement when “Alice in Wonderland” came on.


Even the food and drinks followed the theme as well. There were four beverages that were each inspired by a suit of cards: Coca-Cola float (spades), Sprite with rose syrup (hearts), Sprite with plum syrup (clubs), and apple tea (diamonds). I picked the Coca-Cola float, something which I’d been craving for ages. I don’t usually drink coke, but hey, exceptions can be made when on vacation!


Edwin had the curry omurice, which was surprisingly good. We didn’t have high expectations for the food, since we were there mainly for the cute factor, so being able to tuck into a hot and tasty dish was definitely a bonus!

Confession: when I was ordering the chicken nuggets, I just wanted something savoury and somewhat filling to snack on, and “vacation mode” led me in the direction of fast food. That was all I wanted. So imagine my surprise when these arrived at the table, in the most adorable little shapes! Moreover, they tasted fairly good – crispy on the outside, piping hot on the inside. So satisfying!

One happy diner!


More little details in the washroom.


Be ambitious, courageous, and above all, be yourself.

More Alice goodies by the counter!

Note: we actually walked around the building once before we could find the entrance to Alice is Coming. The doorway was situated left of Family Mart, and was poorly lit, hence our initial confusion. Although, in a way, it’s like the rabbit hole that Alice fell through by accident, so it’s rather apt, isn’t it?

Alice is Coming 來自愛麗絲
No. 111, Yanping South Road
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 (Nearest Station: Ximen)
中正區延平南路111號2樓 · 台北市
Tel: +886 2 2311 0210


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