Goals for June 2017

Another month, another set of goals! I’ve been reading “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin, so this month’s goals are going to be more specific and measurable than those of previous months. Even then, they’re rather ambitious, but you know me – shoot for the stars!

  1. Meditate for five minutes every day
  2. Go for a run or swim every Thursday
  3. Shower before 10:30 every night
  4. Go for a walk every Wednesday and Sunday
  5. Visit the library every Monday
  6. Take a photograph every day
  7. Work on the blog for one hour every day
  8. Study French for 30 minutes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  9. Draw a doodle a day
  10. Cut back on carbs

The way I’ve framed my goals for this month, they look rather repetitive and not particularly attractive, but hopefully they’ll work – we shall see!

Once again, a recap of last month’s goals:

  • Adopt a high-protein diet (as per doctor’s orders) – managed to do okay with this, and it’s helped so much, so I’m going to keep it up as best I can.
  • Cut back on sugar – while I still had the occasional ice-cream or cookie, my sugar intake was reduced significantly, and after a while it didn’t bother me too much. I’ll never quit sugar entirely, and hopefully I’ll never have to, but it’s nice not to have cravings for sweet stuff all the time.
  • Keep a food diary – done! It really helped with the first two goals.
  • Cook my own meals as much as possible – been watching lots of cooking shows on TV (mostly Masterchef Australia), so getting inspiration wasn’t an issue.
  • Exercise at least twice a week – this is where I’ve fallen short, yet again. Managed to exercise just five times last month.
  • Take on a 30 day happiness challenge – did slightly better than the previous month’s exercise challenge, but still didn’t manage to do all 30 days.
  • Find ways to increase productivity – does reading “Better Than Before” count?
  • Dress more consciously – adopted a “less is more” approach for the month of May, which helped a bit in the mornings.
  • Simplify my makeup routine – yes, in fact some days I hardly wore any makeup. Won’t be doing that this month though – between birthday celebrations and attending events, there’ll be lots of occasions to bring out the war paint!
  • Organise my desk/dressing table – (mostly) done!

So yes, June is my birthday month, and making time to achieve all my goals might be a bit of a challenge, but I’m up for it, and let’s hope I make it with my sanity intact. I’ll be back soon with more posts – see you!


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