Alice in Wonderland Accessories

Hello! Just wanted to share a few pictures of my Alice in Wonderland accessories. I don’t know why, but something about the aesthetic just appeals to me.

Clockwise from top left: Disney pins purchased from Taobao, White Rabbit sticker (a little gift from doing a survey at Hong Kong Disneyland), Alice Tsum Tsum from Hong Kong Disneyland, wallet from Candy Wagon (amazing little shop in Langham Place that sells clothing and accessories inspired by fairy tales), Alice earrings from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Out of all these, the wallet has definitely been the most worthwhile purchase, since I’ve been using it everyday. 🙂

Everything purchased from Taobao except for the Tsum Tsum and the socks on the bottom left, which I got from a Dais0-esque store near my place.

The little details make all the difference. ❤

These photos were on Instagram sometime back, and my collection has since grown a fair bit. Maybe I’ll take more photos in the future, showcasing the new stuff!


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