Solone Cosmetics Review: Color Party One Step Magical Stick Eyeshadow

As mentioned in the “Shopping in Taipei” post, I was really eager to try out the Taiwanese cosmetics brand Solone. I was also looking to simplify my makeup routine, and a one-step shadow stick seemed like a good idea.

Each shadow stick contains a colour duo. Mine is in the shade 01, which is pink and brown.

Instructions on the back.

It’s thicker than the average pencil eyeliner, which is probably standard for most shadow sticks.

Just twist and apply – really easy to use!

Both swatches were done with just a single swipe. The product has decent pigmentation, although I’m not sure whether the colours will show up as well on darker skin tones.

The other side of the pencil has a sponge-tip applicator for blending out the colours.

I thought the brown shade was a little light when swatched on the back of my hand, but on the eyelids it turned out fine. I wore it without a primer and it sat well for 6 hours, because that’s how long I was out and about for. I haven’t had the chance to test it for the whole day, so I’ll probably post an update at a later time.

(Edit: I’ve had the chance to wear it for 10 hours without a primer- at the 8 hour mark there was some slight fading and by the 10th hour there was creasing in the lid.)

Using a stick eyeshadow such as this one is definitely convenient when doing a more subtle eye makeup look (great for contrasting with a darker lip). Perhaps there are other beauty hacks that can be achieved with this, so I’ll look into it!


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