Food, Friends, Family

A collection of miscellaneous pictures featuring – what else? – food, friends, and family.

Mother’s Day lunch at Paradise Dynasty, Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Bak Kut Teh. Chef Martin Yan said that soup is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s true.

More soup, this time of the wild mushroom variety, along with tea at TCC.

Dinner with Natasha at Sakae Sushi. The menu’s been changed for the nth time, and many of my favourites are no longer available. This could possibly be my last visit.

After dinner, we had churros for dessert, and talked till the shop closed. The staff had changed out of their uniforms and started not-so-subtly sweeping the area around us.

My favourite Pontian wonton mee.

All desserts taste better when shared with the ones you love.

On afternoons when we didn’t have anything planned (which was rare), we had lunch at the Kopitiam near Edwin’s parents’ home, where we were staying.

Catching up with Frances, who was extremely pleased to find out she wasn’t the only one who carried a fan in her bag. In Hong Kong, it’s not uncommon to see people on the street using folding fans or those USB-charged spinning fans. Apparently in Singapore, aunties are the only people who carry fans, while the rest would rather melt in the heat than look “unglam”. Well, it may not look cool,  but I’d prefer to actually be cool, how ’bout that?

Tiramisu and coffee (hot cocoa in my case) at Da Paolo Gastronomia.

Penang-style char kway teow at Gurney Drive. Of course it just isn’t the same, but I’ll take what I can get.

Ice-cream with Zhenli at Gelare, after our dinner at Fish & Co.

Finally, nasi lemak at the airport before our flight back to Hong Kong!

It should go without saying that I miss everyone (and the food) badly, and I hope to see you all again soon! XOXO, Michelle


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