Shopping in Singapore: Accessories, Books, and Disney Haul!

No introduction necessary – the title says it all.

Dress and belt from ViVi in Century Square, Tampines. I have to admit that this was a bit of an impulse buy, plus it cost more than what I would normally spend on a dress. Then again, it’s so hard for me to find a dress that fits, so I guess it’s okay. And it has pockets!

Yes, I’m trying to justify my purchase, but I can’t be the only one who does that, right?

Earrings from Lovisa. There aren’t many options for affordable costume jewellery in Hong Kong, so I allow myself the indulgence of getting something from Lovisa every time I’m back in Singapore.

More earrings! These were from Daiso, and so worth the $2. I know that marble-print is a bit of a cliche, but I love it all the same!

There was a massive sale at a bookstore (can’t remember the name – sorry!) where I picked up two books and a box of tarot cards. Edwin initially disapproved getting the tarot cards (deemed “an unnecessary purchase”), so I put them back. I asked him to help settle the payment of the books while I went to the washroom, and later on our way home I found that he had bought the cards as a surprise!

Tsum Tsum makeup bag, can’t remember where I got it from. I’ve since used this for two trips, and it’s great. I don’t know why I’ve been carrying my travel makeup, skincare, and beauty tools in separate small bags this whole time when I could’ve just packed them all into one bigger bag. So much easier!

Alice in Wonderland stationery from Simply Toys at Bugis Junction. There were so many Disney goodies, I was tempted to get them all!

Star Wars stationery that Natasha bought from the same store. We did a “paper exchange”, the way you’d trade stickers with your friends back in school. >.<

More stationery, this time from Daiso. More Wonderland goodness!

Tsum Tsum bathroom mat and quilt from Isetan. The latter almost caused our luggage to burst!

So… that concludes the series of Singapore-related posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and see you soon!


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