A New Chapter

So… I’ve been away for a while, and there’s a long story behind that, which I will share in due time. Meanwhile, here’s the abbreviated version:

The past few years have felt like one massive roller coaster ride. There were travels, good times, and celebrations. However, there were also health scares, trips to the hospital, and ultimately, devastating loss as we said goodbye to our little angel before we had the chance to say hello.

But even the worst of times passed, and fortunately for us, they were followed by the happiest of news. Our little rainbow will be joining us mid-April, give or take a few days, which means I could pop anytime now!


If I can find the time and energy, I’d love to share more details over the week, and in the weeks and months following baby’s birth. For now, I’m sending lots of love and hope to anyone who’s ever experienced, or is currently experiencing, what I went through.

You are not alone, and you will get through this.