About Michelle Xueyi

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A little background story here:

I was born on the little island of Penang, spent most of my life on the little island of Singapore, and I’m now on the little island of Hong Kong. Seems I can’t escape ’em islands.

My interests include cooking, travelling, ballroom dancing, learning languages, dressing up, and making lists. My time is divided between teaching English and studying French, and thinking about food in four languages. I believe in living in the moment, but I’m also always looking forward to my next vacation, usually with Edwin, my husband of four years and counting.

In case you didn’t already know, I love Disney. My mission in life is to visit all the Disney parks in the world. When that’s done, I’ll probably do it all over again – maybe with little ones in tow!

The journey of life takes us on many twists and turns. The world, with all its complexities and wonders, never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes all we can do is document the process, and give thanks along the way.


Contact: micxueyi@gmail.com
Instagram: @michellexueyi
Twitter: @michellexueyi


2 thoughts on “About Michelle Xueyi

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I really like your blog! Just curious, would you be willing to do a blog interview with me? A while ago I had a blog series of HK blogs/bloggers/businesses on my blog and I’d like to restart the series http://bluebalu.com/category/interview/ – given you blog about different experiences in HK (food, sightseeing, fashion), you’d be a good candidate for a blog interview! Would you be interested to participate, if yes, then I would send you some questions in the next days – all you have to do is answer them 🙂
    Ruth from bluebalu.com

    Email: bluebaluinHK at gmail dot com

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