Shopping in Singapore: Accessories, Books, and Disney Haul!

No introduction necessary – the title says it all.

Dress and belt from ViVi in Century Square, Tampines. I have to admit that this was a bit of an impulse buy, plus it cost more than what I would normally spend on a dress. Then again, it’s so hard for me to find a dress that fits, so I guess it’s okay. And it has pockets!

Yes, I’m trying to justify my purchase, but I can’t be the only one who does that, right?

Earrings from Lovisa. There aren’t many options for affordable costume jewellery in Hong Kong, so I allow myself the indulgence of getting something from Lovisa every time I’m back in Singapore.

More earrings! These were from Daiso, and so worth the $2. I know that marble-print is a bit of a cliche, but I love it all the same!

There was a massive sale at a bookstore (can’t remember the name – sorry!) where I picked up two books and a box of tarot cards. Edwin initially disapproved getting the tarot cards (deemed “an unnecessary purchase”), so I put them back. I asked him to help settle the payment of the books while I went to the washroom, and later on our way home I found that he had bought the cards as a surprise!

Tsum Tsum makeup bag, can’t remember where I got it from. I’ve since used this for two trips, and it’s great. I don’t know why I’ve been carrying my travel makeup, skincare, and beauty tools in separate small bags this whole time when I could’ve just packed them all into one bigger bag. So much easier!

Alice in Wonderland stationery from Simply Toys at Bugis Junction. There were so many Disney goodies, I was tempted to get them all!

Star Wars stationery that Natasha bought from the same store. We did a “paper exchange”, the way you’d trade stickers with your friends back in school. >.<

More stationery, this time from Daiso. More Wonderland goodness!

Tsum Tsum bathroom mat and quilt from Isetan. The latter almost caused our luggage to burst!

So… that concludes the series of Singapore-related posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed, and see you soon!


Alice in Wonderland Accessories

Hello! Just wanted to share a few pictures of my Alice in Wonderland accessories. I don’t know why, but something about the aesthetic just appeals to me.

Clockwise from top left: Disney pins purchased from Taobao, White Rabbit sticker (a little gift from doing a survey at Hong Kong Disneyland), Alice Tsum Tsum from Hong Kong Disneyland, wallet from Candy Wagon (amazing little shop in Langham Place that sells clothing and accessories inspired by fairy tales), Alice earrings from Hong Kong Disneyland.

Out of all these, the wallet has definitely been the most worthwhile purchase, since I’ve been using it everyday. 🙂

Everything purchased from Taobao except for the Tsum Tsum and the socks on the bottom left, which I got from a Dais0-esque store near my place.

The little details make all the difference. ❤

These photos were on Instagram sometime back, and my collection has since grown a fair bit. Maybe I’ll take more photos in the future, showcasing the new stuff!

Shopping in Taipei: Makeup, Skincare, and Disney Haul!

Hello lovelies! Yes, I’m finally back! Edwin and I were in Singapore last week to celebrate Mother’s Day with our families. I brought my laptop along, thinking I’d get to use it in the evenings, but boy did life have other plans. I somehow managed to schedule dinner dates with old friends every night, and while it meant that there wasn’t time to blog, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Now that it’s back to the daily grind, I can’t wait to share with you all the various purchases that we made during our Easter getaway in Taipei. Picture time!

I probably got a little carried away… this isn’t even all of it! (You’ll see more in the photos below.) It isn’t all for me though – a good chunk of these were meant as gifts, and have already found their way to the intended recipients.

Also, I apologise for the poor quality of the images. I took these with my phone, and didn’t realise how grainy they were until I saw them on the computer screen just now. I promise to work on my photography skills, and hopefully you’ll get better pictures next time!

LLang sheet masks. It’s a Korean brand I hadn’t heard of, but the packaging was just too cute to resist. How adorable is the “Roman Holiday” reference (top left)?Most of the masks have been given to friends and co-workers, and so far I’ve used the “Seaweed from Jeju” mask on myself – works okay!

For those interested, the masks retail for TWD99 (~HK$25.60/S$4.50/US$3.30) each at Cosmed. It sounds rather steep, but you can buy ten masks for just TWD350 (~HK$90.50/S$16.10/US$11.60)! Not going to bore you with more numbers, just going to say that it’s a massive discount, and a great deal!

More sheet masks, this time from The Face Shop, also a Korean beauty brand. There were so many to choose from at the store, but I just picked the five “flavours” that appealed to me the most. Some of them have also been given away, and I plan on using the “Longan” mask next.

Makeup purchased from Cosmed. Solone is a Taiwanese cosmetics brand which I was really eager to try out, mostly because they had several products that were inspired by Alice in Wonderland. To my disappointment, many of the eyeshadow and blush colours featured on the website couldn’t be found in the stores (and I went to A LOT of them!), so the only Alice-inspired thing I got was a basic black pencil eyeliner (review coming soon).

The blush and mascara are from Integrate, which is a Japanese brand, and apparently Elite Models is a French brand, which I didn’t know. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the eyelash curler is rose gold in colour, and it’s gorgeous.

I don’t have the price of the Alice eyeliner, but the prices of the other products are stated below:

Solone stick eyeshadow     TWD259 (~HK$67/S$11.90/US$8.60)
Solone brow gel                   TWD350 (~HK$90.50/S$16.10/US$11.60)
Integrate blush                    TWD298 (~HK$77.10/S$13.70/US$9.90)
Integrate mascara               TWD272 (~HK$70.40/S$12.50/US$9)
Eyelash curler                      TWD139 (~HK$36/S$6.40/US$4.60)

I’ve listed the retail prices of the Solone stick eyeshadow and the brow gel for your reference, but I actually bought them as a set, and together they cost only TWD329 (~HK$85.20/S$15.10/US$10.90)! Another insanely good deal, and more reviews to come!

Bought the May issue of Vivi magazine at the airport, and it came with a free general knowledge book and a picnic style guide!

We walked past a bookstore and thought we’d just take a peek. We ended up spending almost an hour, and almost all our cash as well! Bought the scores of our favourite musicals and Disney movies.

Biscuits for Edwin’s friends and ginger tea for his parents.

Fruit tea from Smith & Hsu! It’s a bit cheesy, but I really did fall in love with “Fallin’ in Love Again”. Some of it will be given away, as soon as I get some jars to put the tea leaves in!

And in case you were wondering when the Disney stuff was going to be featured, I saved the best for last!

There’s nail polish from The Face Shop featuring Pocahontas and Belle, two of my favourite Disney princesses. I got the Tsum Tsum tissues from a convenience store, and everything else is from (where else?) Cosmed. The Disney villains sheet masks are from Sexy Look, a Taiwanese skincare brand, and the Beauty and the Beast products are from Lovemore, also a Taiwanese brand.

Sexy Look sheet masks are available in Hong Kong as well, but I’ve only ever seen the Disney princess ones here. It’s quite unexpected and thus refreshing to see the villains being featured, and since there was a one-for-one offer (TWD299, I’m too tired to work out the rest of the math at this stage), I went ahead and got Ursula and the Evil Queen.

OMG the packaging is to die for! My Tsum Tsum plushies (from Hong Kong Disneyland) agree.

As though that wasn’t enough Disney madness, we also purchased jars of honey with Tsum Tsum packaging. The Chip and Dale pouch was a freebie from Gracegift because…


*squeals with joy*

I’m not a sneaker person (give me ballet flats any day), but these were too adorable to pass up. Can’t wait to wear these babies – maybe on my next trip to Disneyland?

And… we’re done! Thanks for reading all the way, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. There’ll be some reviews coming up, as well as one more “haul” post, because… I bought more Disney stuff in Singapore.


Etude House Haul & Review: Big Cover Concealer Cushion, Face Conditioning Fixer, and Manuka Honey Face Mask

After seeing the number of views and likes for the NYX post, I feel somewhat encouraged to do another beauty review. Besides, it’s always fun to try something different once in a while.

So… I had a bit of a spree while at Etude House, though that’s nothing compared to the damage I did in Taipei, but more on that next time. I’m a member, and because I’d spent over HK$300, there were some goodies given for free! The Precious Mineral cushion on the top right corner and the Face Blur samples at the bottom of the photo were the freebies, everything else was my spontaneous purchase, haha oops.


I haven’t tried the Precious Mineral cushion (HK$188) and the Dear Girls oil control pact (HK$80), so those won’t be included in today’s review. I’m thinking of holding off the cushion till after the summer, in order to simplify my routine, and because the shade 01 is a bit light for me right now. So maybe I’ll use and review it in the fall, and who knows, by then there’ll be more Etude House products added to my collection!

The Big Cover concealer cushion (HK$114) is a liquid concealer with a sponge-tip applicator, and I’ve got mine in the shade Mint. You click the end of the “pen” a few times, and some product will be dispensed from the applicator. I usually do three clicks for each side of my face, left and right, and then rub off any excess on the back of my (clean) hand before replacing the cap.


I’d describe the coverage as medium, and it’d probably work for most light to medium skin tones. As you can see, there’s a bruise on the back of my hand from knocking into a cabinet, and the concealer covers it a little. Of course, the purpose of a mint-coloured concealer is to correct redness. I apply it before foundation, and it helps to reduce the redness in my skin. There isn’t too much product oozing out, and it’s really easy to use. I love it, and it’s now an integral step in my makeup routine.

Speaking of routine, the Face Conditioning Fixer (HK$98) has also been included, but as the last step, to fix my makeup after it’s done. To be honest, I sometimes forget to use it, and for now it’s not a necessity in my books. I work in an air-conditioned environment and don’t perspire much, so my makeup stays put without much effort either way. That said, it’s quite fun to use the spray, and there’s a subtle scent that I quite like.


The Face Blur primer is something else I wouldn’t consider necessary at this moment. To be fair, it isn’t a bad product – it went on smoothly and brightened up the skin nicely, plus the SPF is a great bonus. It’s just that I’d like to get ready to go to work (or anywhere, really) without slapping on a hundred different products.

My everyday basics are concealer, foundation, and blush. Brown eyeliner if there’s an extra minute. Mascara if I’m going out after work. Of course I love playing with makeup, and you’ll definitely see lots of eyeshadow, false lashes, and lip colour for a special occasion, and even then, I’d forgo the face primer. Like I said, not this moment. Perhaps when I get older and my skin starts looking drab (oh the horror), then I’d be looking into something to put the glow back on!

The Manuka Honey face mask (HK$10) was unexpectedly creamy! I’m used to masks that contained a more gel-like substance, so this was different. It’s neither good nor bad, just an observation. The eye holes in the masks were also smaller than those of other masks that I’ve previously tried, which I suppose is nice because there’s more “mask” to adhere to the skin, and there was a subtle scent which smelled rather delicious.

I’ve got the concealer and fixing spray on in this picture, though you won’t be able to tell, LOL. This post is all about “invisible” makeup, which probably isn’t as exciting as eyeshadow or lip gloss colours, but hey, I’ve made it! Thank you once again for indulging me, and I hope you enjoyed it!

NYX Haul & Review: The Go-to Palette, Retractable Eye Liner, and Butter Gloss

An alternative title is “I have no idea what I’m doing”.

Today is the day I pretend to be a beauty blogger and y’all humour me, alright?

Purchased from FACESSS at Harbour City.
Palette: HK$175
Eye Liner: HK$55
Lip Gloss: free with purchase of two or more items 🙂


The palette that I got is GTP02 Bon Voyage. There could be others, but this was the only eye + cheek palette that I saw in the store that day. I bought this with the intention of using it as a travel palette, seeing that it’s got just about everything I’d need: neutral/bold eyeshadow colours, highlight, blush, and bronzer.


From top to bottom: Shades 1 to 6

From top to bottom: Shades 7 to 9

From the top: Shade 4, Urban Decay Virgin, Shade 3, Urban Decay Smog

Shade 4 from the NYX palette is slightly darker, warmer, and more matte when compared to Virgin. Shade 3 is lighter and warmer than Smog, with slightly less of a sheen.

There are a multitude of reasons why I can’t be a beauty blogger. One of them is that I simply don’t own that many beauty products, and I have no intention to. My ONLY other makeup palette is the Urban Decay NAKED palette, so I don’t have many other eyeshadow colours for the purpose of comparison.

Also, getting all the swatches was a painstakingly long process. A lot of tape was harmed in the making of this blog post.

Left: Kanebo eyeliner pencil in BR-26
Right: NYX Retractable Eye Liner in MPE06 Gold

As you can see from the photo, the Kanebo eyeliner is just a teensy bit darker with visible glitter, but they’re really similar otherwise.

Left: Gucci Lip Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in 200 Dark Romance
Right: NYX Butter Gloss in BLGM22 Devil’s Food Cake

When I swatched these, I was surprised by how alike they were. On the back of my hand, they were practically identical. On the lips, the NYX gloss was a bit sheerer, but that’s about it.

So while I don’t have much makeup, what I do have is similar to each other. Hmm…


Both photos were taken on the same day under drastically different lighting. Neither picture shows it, but the blush and bronzer were a bit much on my skin. I’m super pale and occasionally get mistaken for a vampire, plus I have zero contouring skills, so the bronzer ended up looking muddy on me.

In the pictures I was wearing shades 3, 4, and 6 over a primer (the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original). I’ve since worn the other eyeshadow shades over the same primer with minimal issues.

On one occasion, I wore shades 3, 4, and 6 without a primer underneath and there was some creasing and fading by the six hour mark. By the ten hour mark I had a raccoon eye going on. Luckily I was already home by then!

Thank you for making it all the way to the end, it’s highly appreciated. Seeing as I’ve basically described most of my stuff in a single post, this might be the last makeup-related post. But hey, never say never. 😉

Window Shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland

Just a collection of photos from browsing the souvenir shops in Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel.

ws1 ws2 ws3 ws4 ws5 ws6

“HULK SMASH!” “No, Bruce!”


Eyeing the Disney “mason jars”.


Well, I did buy something – this set of insanely adorable Tsum Tsum ice-cream pins! I’ll be sharing more Tsum Tsum content in a future post, but knowing how long it might take, don’t hold your breath!

Shopping at Hong Kong Disneyland (Part Two)

More Tsum Tsum madness! And Star Wars too! First, a little music to set the mood:

As mentioned in the last post, Disneyland Hotel is a great place to shop for Disney souvenirs. The gift store has a great selection, and you know what it doesn’t have?


Space is such a luxury in Hong Kong, so it was definitely an enjoyable experience to take our time (and a few pictures) without having to fight a ferocious mob of tourists. And speaking of pictures…


Lots of Star Wars-themed souvenirs! You can also see some Christmas-themed goodies ‘cos that was when we visited the park. Honestly, the holiday season is my favourite time to be in a Disney park!


Darth Vader lunch tray and water bottle for your little Anakin. Have fun getting him/her out of the dark side.


Edwin and I both fell in love with Stitch Yoda instantly. There’s also Mickey as Luke Skywalker and Minnie as Princess Leia, but Stitch Yoda has got to be the cutest crossover!


This little green alien came home with us!


I got these with the intention of wearing them to watch The Force Awakens. Since then, I’ve worn the “Resistance” pin on a few other occasions. Some of my older students (massive fans of the franchise) loved it, while one of my younger students asked why I was wearing a pilot pin. Haha!

Resistance Pin

Keep Calm and Join the Resistance


Picked up three more Tsum Tsums: Pluto to round up the original gang, Scrump to join Stitch, and Alice because I adore Alice in Wonderland! Fun fact: Alice is my only “human” Tsum Tsum to date. I clearly need more!


Ah, no better way to show my love for the castle of my dreams.


Got these adorable Post-It notes as a free gift! Technically they’re from a lucky draw that you can participate in when you’ve spent a certain amount. Because I never have any luck with these things, the grand prize always goes to some lucky soul while I get yeah, Post-It notes. Yay me.


Group photo!


It’s not Disneyland, but another great place to shop for souvenirs is the Disney Store at Hong Kong International Airport. Got these babies last December! I used to be all about refrigerator magnets, but now I tend to favour accessories.

Disney Necklaces

Disney style, all day, every day.


This picture hangs behind the counter at the hotel gift shop. It’s a beautiful depiction of Hong Kong Disneyland and its fireworks show among the mountains. It’s a scene I’ll get to see in… two weeks. Yes, two weeks! So you can look forward to another Disney post soon. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll try to find time to post an assortment of other things, so stay tuned, and take care!