Disneymoon Part 4: Castles and Christmas

Being the Disney nut that I am, I needed two days to take in as much of Magic Kingdom as possible. With Disney World being unimaginably large, I didn’t want to regret going all the way there and seeing only half of it. Go big or go home! (That could have been what Walt Disney was thinking of too.)

Morever, we had a fantastic deal. 8 nights’ stay + 5 days’ tickets + Disney Dining Plan = around USD2500 for the two of us. Remember, this included every meal we had on site, and we dined at some really fancy restaurants. As far as honeymoons go, I’d say it was worth it!


And so the magic continues! How pretty are these bride ears?


Peter Pan’s Flight turned out to be one of my favourites! A unique and beautiful way to immerse yourself in the movie!


Tip: For a memorable meet-and-greet session, go to New Fantasyland and hunt Gaston down. The dude is hilarious, and there’s a hardly a queue because he isn’t a popular character (y’know, compared to Mickey). While we were in line, he said the funniest things, and may have traumatised a few kids.

“Have you met Ariel? Did she tell you I beat her in a swimming competition? Not a very good swimmer, that Ariel.”


Where did they dig this guy up from? Also, when we parted ways, he said to me in that deep voice of his, “You know your day isn’t going to get any better than this, don’t you?” It didn’t hurt that he’s also very tall and buff. I almost swooned a la blonde triplet.


Tip: If you’re a fan of “Beauty and the Beast” in any way (and who isn’t?), make your way to Be Our Guest Restaurant. It’s located in the beast’s castle in New Fantasyland. While our meal was rather average, the interior of the castle is breathtakingly beautiful.


There are three themed rooms to dine in: the West Wing, the Rose Gallery, and the Ballroom.



Even the desserts have pretty details.


In the evening, we attended Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This required a separate ticket, but it meant that there were much fewer people in the park, and after the parade and fireworks show, we managed to catch the popular rides with almost no queue! There’s also free cookies, hot chocolate, and apple juice. 😀


The Christmas parade ended with the man himself, Santa Claus.


And it’s snowing! Does it get more romantic than this?

More details about the Christmas party:



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